Tuesday, May 12, 2009


With my twice-a-week chemo/steroid schedule, Wacky Wednesday is now Manic Monday and Thrilling Thursday. Cah-razzzy Thursday is now Terrible Tuesday and Frantic Friday. Wednesday and Saturdays begin the slide toward normal, and are nearly always insulin-free. It's really only on Sunday that I sort of get my life back, but then climb back on the pony on Mondays. Yeah, I will be so thankful when it's officially over. I'm considering taking buckets of curcumin if there's even a chance it will keep me off the chemo-go-round.

In a moment, I'll begin yet another stem-to-stern sweep for yet another house showing. I was very disappointed the last one didn't result in an offer. It was a gay couple who own a business nearby. With their creativity, adventurous spirits, and reckless disregard for finances, I thought they were the ideal buyers. The Villa is "still on their short list," but I was ready to have a conversation about taking it off the market when I got a call for another showing. (Sigh.) Okay. I haven't even had time to completely mess up the house from the last showing, so the tidying is about 50% of what it would be otherwise.

I heard a horror story on the news about a health insurance company that is not only canceling individual policies, paying people to comb through policies and find loopholes to justify cancellation... they are doing so retroactively. How would you like to find out that your health insurance was canceled...as of three months ago? At least one state is suing them for this; I think it was California. And yes, it is the DieSuckah Health Insurance Company. Who's surprised?

Meanwhile, my monthly phone bill includes a love letter from AT&T informing me of their new Residential Service Agreement. How does it differ from the previous Agreement? I now have to agree to bring disputes to an arbiter instead of a court, and to waive class actions and jury trials. And, even if AT&T is guilty of gross negligence or willful misconduct, liability is limited to direct damages. So let's say a visiting AT&T technician has a breakdown and takes a sh_t on my living room carpet. AT&T might pay for the carpet cleaning (five years later, after numerous delays)... but not the years of therapy I will need to get over the trauma.

Boy, would I love to see Congress wrest itself from the grip of corporations and get back to the business of establishing justice and insuring domestic tranquility, instead of grabbing their ankles every time a lobbyist enters the building. President Obama, can ya hear me now?

(climbing off soapbox)

Have a lovely Not-Too-Terrible Tuesday!


Michelle said...

oh friend, you CRACK me up. Between the alliteration and the visual of the AT&T tech, I think you just made my day. And I agree, the, um, ankle grabbing, has GOT to stop!! (you may need to get a higher, louder soap box....)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Obama-care: (sometimes you get what you asked for)


tim's wife said...

Hey La Cootina,
I am in the process of looking into a different ins. company.
Tim's doc's office has given me
the green light on the one I am
considering but just to be on the
safe side(it makes me real nervous
changing from one that has done OK
by us) could ya shoot me an e-mail and let my know the identity
of Die-Suckah Ins. Co.? I'd
appreciate it! tdos59@optonline.net