Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hunks into Chunks

Why do we judge women so harshly, and give men a pass? Time and gravity are equal opportunity ravagers. Have some fun, feel consoled:
It's the Hunks Who Turned Into Chunks!

And a couple bonuses, found at a different site:

Jack "Jabba" Nicholson and Val "Orca" Kilmer


Brother Ted said...

Men have special eyes that allows them to see themselves as 21 year old studs for their entire life. It is the only explanation that I can come up with when I, as a 64 year old, never see the extra weight, the collapsed abs and the forehead that now reaches 6 or 7 inches above my eyebrows.

I come back to your blog on a regular basis. I am always treated to a gift. A book review, the stimulation of my childhood memory centers or just an uplift of spirits that takes me out of my occasional "poor me" funk. My poor me funk is not associated with an illness but a detour in life that has me taking care of aging parents and a handicapped sister. Soooo....... thanks. I wish there was someway I could give something back to you, but alas.........

La Cootina said...

You just did, Ted. Thanks.