Friday, June 5, 2009

I brog.

If I brag on my blog, is that blagging? or brogging? Well, forgive me. I haven't accomplished much in the last year and a half, except the making of a few afghans. This was for Supergirl #1, who somehow went from adorable chubby-cheeked baby to smart, funny, beautiful, fast-track career gal in the blink of an eye... In fact, she is the only immediate family member who won't be here this weekend. That makes me sad, but she travels a lot for work, so I completely understand wanting to relax and enjoy her weekend.

This pattern was called "Paperweights." It was fun to work on such a colorful project, with so much variety. However, there were 140 floral motifs, and each one had either 8 or 10 yarn ends to sew in. I believe I sewed in nearly 1400 little tails! I love the way this looks, but I don't think I'll be repeating this pattern, unless I can find me a little tail-sewer-inner.

Now I am officially out of excuses. I will sign off until Sunday or Monday. Oh, joy: let the housecleaning begin.


tim's wife said...

Beautiful! That pattern reminds me of a patchwork quilt pattern called
"grandmother's flower garden." Hats
off to your patience. If I even attempted to begin a project like that, it would go from an afghan to a potholder after the first half hour. ;o)

Lilsquirt64 said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!
Great job!
Whether it's blagging or brogging it deserves a spot in the blog!

Sandy said...

Brog on, Cootie-Girl... beautiful work and well worth showing off! The only afghan I've ever gotten involved with was hairy and had four legs....