Sunday, June 28, 2009

If He's in Trouble, He Must be a Democrat

Not surprising that another Republican, Mark Sanford of South Carolina, was caught with his pants down. (Or as Jon Stewart described, suffering from a conservative mind and a liberal penis.) These stories are almost interchangeable.

What did surprise me at least a little bit, was that Faux News identified him as a Democrat. And that they have a history of committing this same "error" over and over again. The common denominator is that this party mis-identification always happens whenever the Republican in question is in trouble: charged, arrested, arraigned, etc. Here's another article on this tradition, going back almost three years. They never commit party mis-identification when the Republican has made a generous donation to a charity, or won some kind of award, or managed to pass tough legislation (ha, a little joke). Once they straightened out the party-affiliation snafu, Rush Limbaugh adroitly figured out a way to blame the affair on Obama. I kid you not. You would think these Family Values-spouting Turdblossom-wannabes would have learned by now: when you try and stake out the moral high ground, you're going to fall a lot farther.

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RIP, MJ. Poor Michael Jackson. I'm sure he was as hopped up on Rx pills as Anna Nicole, and just as surrounded by enabling sycophants. The same people who let this deranged, indulged creature turn himself into a freak show. He was tied for First Place on my Least Favorite Child Molester list (sharing the honors with Woody Allen), but I'll always have a soft spot for the old Michael, the black Michael, whose sweet voice provided the soundtrack to much of my adolescent angst. Every Junior High dance featured his hits; I have fond memories of dancing to ABC and doing the Drag & Shuffle to Puppy Love and I'll Be There. I think there's a lesson here, but I'm not sure what it is.


Brother Ted said...

Dropped in for a visit. I sure love your blog. I appreciate your politics, and yes poor Michael.

Beth said...

I sure do love your blog! I missed Jon Stewart's apt analysis of the Sanford condition. Thanks for sharing it. :)