Monday, June 22, 2009

“Good Lord, Eunice!”

I finally figured out who's been scowling back at me from the mirror for the past 6 months. It hit me this morning, like a clean right cross:

Yes, it's Vicki Lawrence as Mama in Mama's Family, a painfully bad sitcom from the...80s? I'm not even sure. But it's the hair. It's definitely the hair.

Even though I finally colored it from iron gray to a kind of mousy light brown, there is no mistaking the viciously tight, over-permed (or in my case, over-chemo'd) curly do. I might never have connected the dots, but this morning I also had the grimace, the locked lower jaw, and pow! There it was: the hair and the face. I had to go back to bed for awhile. And I may need to cover my mirrors for a few weeks. Now that I've figured it out, I'm seriously considering shaving my head again.

Favorite quotes from a fan site:

  • Aren't you going to introduce your family? “Not if I can help it.”
  • “Well, I'll bet the neighbors are just lovin' this! ”
  • “I tell ya, a guy selling brains could clean up in this family.”
  • “Vint, you've had some stupid ideas, but this one qualifies you for handicapped parking.”


StephB said...

OMG - what memories! I actually loved this program. She reminded me of one of my great Aunts with all the silly quirks. Where do you dig these up? Love it!

La Cootina said...

I loved it when it was a skit on the Carol Burnett Show. I thought the writing suffered terribly when it became its own spin-off.