Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dreams Die Hard

If you missed it, Margaret told me the luxurious villa right next to George Clooney is available... for $85,050 a week! Holy guacamole, $85K a week? Even with my million, that would only give three months. I'm devastated (and George would be, too, if he had any idea.)

You're right, Margaret, it is time for Plan B. Not sure exactly what that is yet, but it may involve something that could be construed as stalking, in which case I'd better hold something back for the Bail Fund...

By the way, $85K is more than I paid for Villa DeCay, which is also waterfront property!

UPDATE: Okay, I've had a look, and Villa Vincenzo is probably worth it. So if you would all just send me $10,000 or more, close your eyes, and click your heels together three times... you can make a poor cancer patient's dream come true, not to mention George Clooney's!

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