Friday, November 14, 2008

Spending My Million

You know, it's not like one of those $100 million lottery jackpots. A million doesn't go as far as it used to, so you need to have a plan. Here's mine; at least, Phase I.

First, I'll give significant chunks to some of my favorite nonprofits: Human and Animal Welfare Societies, Planned Parenthood, Medical Students for Choice, maybe a veteran's advocacy group, maybe a college scholarship for public school teachers.

Then I'll buy a dozen or so new cars: my immediate family, Supergirls #1 and #2, and yes, Joyce and Susan, you're on the list. College funds for Supergirls #3 and 4. Oh, I know: they'll all have their own million bucks, too. But this is something that I would still like to do for them. I'd remodel Villa DeCay, sell it, and buy something much nicer, still here in the 'hood, of course. That will be my summer home. I'll buy a winter home in Austin. (I'm tempted to get a New York City apartment, too, but it makes more sense to just stay in a fabulous hotel when I visit.)

That's all pretty mundane, right? I'll be doing quite a bit of traveling, of course. I thought about an apartment in Paris, but for a nice flat, I'd have to blow the whole million. Whereas, I could probably rent a darned nice place for... oh, let's say $4 grand/month. A whole year - less than $50,000. Or... maybe I could rent the villa next to George Clooney on Lake Como. It would be really convenient to be able to just pop over and borrow a cup of hot sex now and then. Margaret, can I get a nice palazzo for $4 grand/month?

Oh, hell, for George, I'd double the budget.

What about you? Got a plan for your million?

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Margaret said...

Well, I just HAD to check out Lake Como villa rentals for ya. And, lo and behold, I found a huge luxurious villa right next to George's own Villa Oleandro...hey, you can't get any closer than that! It costs a mere pittance: just U.S. $85,050 a WEEK (I will send you the link privately, you never know...).

Uhmmm. You might have to UP your budget somewhat, y'know...or lower your be-near-George expectations...

Margaret ;-)
Florence, Italy