Friday, November 28, 2008

You Are Rich If...

  • you have a warm, safe place to go
  • you have people there who will welcome you and who care about you.
  • there is food on the table, maybe even enough for second helpings
  • you can reciprocate, and sometimes cook and share a meal with others
  • you have a clean, warm place to sleep at night
  • you can read
  • you can keep yourself clean, and wash your clothes regularly
  • your have friends and family who will provide help whenever you need it
  • you enjoy general good health and mobility; or even if you have a few aches and pains, they're manageable
  • you are mentally alert and aware
  • you have good dental health, including regular cleanings and the ability to take care of any problems
  • you have leisure time, and can pursue hobbies and develop interests
  • you have a means of transportation at your disposal

Think of all the things that might have distressed you the last week. Was it traffic? Finances? Family squabbles? Job pressures?

There's a world full of people who don't have a warm, safe, clean place to sleep or know where there next meal is coming from, or if there will be a next meal. Who think having a change of clothes would be an almost unimaginable luxury. I'm not saying that your problems and pressures aren't very real, and very troubling. But every once in a while, take a step back and view them as one element of The Big Picture.

Would most of the world trade their problems for yours in a heartbeat?

It's so easy to lose perspective and indulge in self pity, but most Americans enjoy comfort and a standard of living beyond compare. So join me in celebrating our wealth. Have compassion, take pity on the kings and queens, titans and tycoons, all the poor slobs who have only money.

(ADDENDUM: You are also rich if you are lucky enough to share your life and home with one or more of the furry critters we call "pets." Clever you, enjoying unconditional love, loyalty and affection, every single day.)

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josh williams said...

Double ditto. Thanks JW