Friday, November 14, 2008

The New Jackie O?

The last time we had a vibrant young couple in the White House was also the last time my state voted for the Democratic candidate. Yes, it was a long time ago.

Jackie O (still Jackie Kennedy then) was a style icon, and American women were delighted to have someone youthful and hip to set the trends. Although I haven't worn a skirt in a century or so, I can appreciate the classic cut. Here are Ma & Pa, (circa 1966?,) Ma in the hot look of the day: the Jackie K. suit and the "bubble" bouffant hairdo. I doubt that the bubble 'do will ever return – it involved some very time-consuming styling, not to mention poisoning the ozone with truckloads of hairspray – but I think the little suits are still chic.

I don't know if Michelle Obama will be as much of a trendsetter, if only because she's extremely thin and 6' tall. But it will be fun to see what kind of choices she'll make for herself, and for her daughters.

And hey, Mom, great gams!

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