Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bus Leaves Without Me

Once upon a time, there was a foolish Hoodie who moved away. Maybe not foolish, exactly, but we sure haven't been able to figure out why he did such a thing. Former Hoodie Doug missed our BS so much, a few weeks ago he invited us all over for supper on the 15th.

It's enough of a shlep that Nick arranged to borrow, as he calls it, "the short bus," so everyone could all ride down and back in one vehicle -- planet friendly, and only one Designated Driver required. But today was the day that my week's worth of sniffles finally manifested into a full-blown cold. I spent all day trying to convince myself that I felt better, but it was for naught. I'm SICK. I knew this morning that I would have to miss the dinner. (I'm less than 8 weeks post-transplant, so even a cold is a scary development.)

I had called dibs on dessert right away, so today made my first pecan pie. I can't vouch for its flavor (yet) but it was a thing of beauty, with its shiny concentric circles of extra-large pecan halves. I arranged for the bus to stop here, but I stayed and the pie went.

Tomorrow, I hope to get good reviews on the pie. But tonight, I have a full evening planned, what with watching Shrek again, and feeling sorry for myself.


josh williams said...

You know, I do not have a sweet tooth. Somewhere in my childhood the tooth ferry replaced one of my birth teeth with a beer tooth so... I used to sneak frozen pecans out of my grandmothers freezer. I tried freezing pecans and sneaking them from myself recently but it was just not the same. As for Pecan pie, I heart the pecans but the sweet? I am still working on a pecan/beer pie, this may take a long time to perfect, sometimes without the pecans...However once I perfect the recipe I will share it with everyone after all the legal work is done...I do not like my special recipes to be stolen so as to create wealth for people other than myself. Kind Regards JW

La Cootina said...

A beer tooth, eh? sounds like your tooth fairy was one of those mavericks we keep hearing about.

I have several recipes for toasted pecans, tossed first with either spicy flavors, or sweet/salty concoctions. I haven't tried them yet: I'm afraid that my first taste will result in me eating a pound of pecans in one sitting. I don't think I've ever met a pecan I didn't like.

So...keep me posted on your recipe development.