Monday, October 20, 2008

Stir Crazy – Behind the Scenes

The Stir Crazy Cooking Club (or Foodies) has been quietly working behind the scenes. This summer, they set up a table at a neighborhood event and sold craft items. Yesterday, they had a table at a craft fair, all to benefit me and my dwindling resources.

The first edition of the cookbooks has almost completely sold out, and a second printing of 40 cookbooks has been ordered. This will probably be the last printing; if you want some for birthday/holiday gifts, order now.

Over the years, the Stir Crazy girls have enjoyed just about every food "theme" you can imagine, from ethnic groups to "food on a stick" and everything in between. And a perennial favorite has always been Soup Night. We'd bring 4-5 soups or stews, plus salad and dessert. White chicken chili. Baked potato soup. Thai Shrimp & Chicken Soup. Butternut squash soup. Lemon chicken soup. Mmmmm.

Knowing that my pals will be visiting regularly, perhaps with a cup or two of hearty soup, is almost enough to make me look forward to colder weather.


Anonymous said...

wow - another order of cookbooks! impressive sales!! i'm thrilled :) i was thinking of preparing my first soup of the season - and thoughts immediately shift to you and our great soup suppers as a group! i still need to figure out that garlic soup from Santorini's :) it's so wonderful to relive some of those yummy memories here through your blog. what a crazy fun group we fellow foodies are :) :)

La Cootina said...

I remember a soup night at your house, Steph, with at least three delicious soups. (The night we met your betrothed, as I recall.)
Garlic Soup... Is that the same very garlicky "Wild Mushroom Soup" from Santorini's that I've been trying to recreate?

I wish all the SC girls weren't so busy these days. Still, I'm grateful that they have done SO much to help me. Curling up under that quilt got me through some very dark days. Maybe we can get in a rhythm of a monthly meal together.