Friday, August 8, 2008

BaDaBing Friday

In spite of my first case of night sweats in almost a month, I start the day feeling almost human, because I made the brilliant decision at 1am to take a sleeping pill, instead of having yet another napping marathon. So I got five solid hours of sleep.

Waking up was a little dicey, because of the aforementioned sweats. It's not like you're warm, or even hot, or "gee, I should have turned the air up last night." It's more like you wake up feeling as if you're in a hot shower: head-to-toe drenched. (In the worst of night sweats when I first started chemo, it wasn't unusual for me change jammies once or even twice a night.)

For a gal who's never been a "heavy sweater" it was a lot to cope with: my scalp drips sweat, even my calves and forearms sweat. I didn't even know my forearms had sweat glands! After a month off, it was a bit of an adjustment to wake up dripping again.

The other strange thing is that this sleeping pill makes me quite dizzy. Even waking up 5 hours later, I realize as I'm bouncing down the hall like a pinball, that I'm still under the spell of that particular side effect.

So... dizzy, sweaty, ricocheting off the walls as I try to get both eyes to cooperate with each other... yet still, strangely invigorated after my restorative 5 hours of sleep.

The key to happiness is not in having more but in needing less. I am idiotically content just to have slept. If the room stops spinning long enough for me to take a shower, I will be ecstatic.

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