Friday, August 29, 2008

Grapes of Rap?

The 'hood was called to help with the Harvest of the Grapes last night. Videographer and Vintner Gary put out the word, and about ten of us showed up to take turns plucking the Fruits of the Vine. While Nick and Silly Cat plan their strategy, we confirm that the bar is well-stocked -- picking grapes is thirsty work. We had trouble coming up with a harvest song. I suggested "Day-O," but we decided that only applied to banana harvests. Then someone came up with that Quaker song or psalm that goes (something like), "Tis a gift to be simple, Tis a gift to be free..." Gary thought it should be updated to a rap rhythm, so Chris and I provided the "Tchk-ah Tchk-ahs!" and the "Ngh Ngh Nnnnghs!"

We wrapped up just as the sun was setting. Is there enough for two bottles? Three? I don't know, but when it's ready, I'm sure Gary will share it with us all, even if it's by shotglass.

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