Monday, August 18, 2008

Hey, Hey, We're The Dorkies!

Here are 75% of the Dorkies - I don't know why Bro 2 isn't in the pic. Bro 1 & Sis are definitely at their dorkiest; it was all uphill from here. I'm not sure this was my low point; my dorky phase lasted a long time. But this was my only other attempt at a very short haircut -- and this was before the nosebob -- so I felt as though my nose always arrived a week before the rest of me.

We are posed in front of The Largest Station Wagon Ever Made. I had to use this behemoth to pass my driver's test and yes, parallel parked it. It is a skill I think I inherited from Mom: the ability to defy the physical laws of the universe and parallel park it in a space half its size.

The 70s were a very hairy time. Bro 2 had a thick, curly Jewfro that was the envy of many. For both Bro's, their luxuriant locks are a nostalgic memory.

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