Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome, CG Readers

If you've wandered here from The Adventures of Cancer Girl, welcome. It's a lousy thing we have in common, but we are both using humor and blogging to cope and I have to say, it seems to be working. Things are getting a little grim for me right now; I hope you'll take a few minutes and thumb back to earlier posts that were, I believe, a little more light-hearted and entertaining.

And if you're from somewhere else, please check out Cancer Girl's blog. She's a wonderful writer and lets' face it, life with a 3-year old is bound to be hilarious. (I'm just bummed she nabbed such a good blog name first. I can just hear the trumpet fanfare...)


Anonymous said...

I've read your blog, front to back. I love it and thank you for it. You and CG are equally strong writers.

I was DX with MM in Dec. of 07. I am a patient at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I begin my transplant Monday and will receive my stem cells on Thursday.

You can find me at:

Good Luck with your treatment! :)


La Cootina said...

Likewise, John, you will be in my thoughts. Best wishes.

Karen said...

Thanks for the plug. :) I just love your blog. I wanted to say good luck on your transplant. I've only had the harvest part of it. I'd say the worst part of the harvest is that it is long and boring. Bring along a lot of good books to read, or be prepared for a lot of bad daytime TV.

La Cootina said...

Yes, daytime tv and having to use a bedpan/potty chair. Not sure my kidneys are going to cooperate!