Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Menstruating Mongoose (Plinky)

From this week's Plinky prompts:
What three songs do you wish you could erase from your memory?

Yowzaa...I see this question, and I almost think there's more music I dislike than like! First I have to eliminate all the artists I don't like just because I don't like them. For example, I would put almost any song by Cher, Neil Diamond, Abba (yes, Abba!), and Bob Dylan, who always sounds to me like a menstruating mongoose in search of her Midol. Then,I should probably eliminate all the cultural phenoms, such as Macarena, Achy Breaky Heart, Barney's I Love You song, and the dogs barking Jingle Bells. That one makes me want to drive my car into a tree.

So I'm finally down to actual songs I loathe, and it's still tough to limit it to just three, but I'll start with...

  1. You're Beautiful by James Blunt. I actually think Blunt's kind of a cool guy, but this is a horrible, whiny song, and a strange, clich├ęd video
  2. Havin' My Baby by Paul Anka. Stupid, saccharine, cheesy, annoying.
  3. Stickwitu by Pussycat Dolls. They really belong in the category above ("I hate everything by..."); plus they're a made-up group, like the Monkees or the Spice Girls, but x-rated. "We're the gyrating, gold-digging ho's!" Pussycat... very subtle, eh? And they have a penchant for using bad grammar and street pronunciations. "You" is always "Chew." Even with all those caveats, this song is still so bad, it warrants place #3 on my list.

You can see how challenging it is to choose just three, can't you? But if you had to limit the list...what are your three?


tim's wife said...

1. "Hey Micky" (you're so fine etc.) They should replace water boarding torture with this song.
2. "Karma Chameleon"
3. Any song that sings about rape,
gangs, shooting cops, beating people. It's disturbing that kids listen to this.

La Cootina said...

I'm with you on all three. Someone on Plinky mentioned "anything by Snoop Dogg" for demeaning women. Why do girls buy that crap???