Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go See...Lists, Lists, and More Lists

50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

Of course, as resident contrarian, I must question...

  • #3 Use Google Effectively. Really? Number three? Can you say Google Ho'? If this has to be on the list at all, it should be #49 or 50.
  • #17 Handle the the Police. Maybe it's the word "handle" that troubles me.
  • #34 Smile for the Camera. Screw you, snappy, I smile when I feel like it.
  • #44 Implement Basic Computer Security. Eh, again, I don't think this is a vital life skill, as long as there are capable 14-year olds around.
Those few quibbles aside, I think this is a fine list. Everyone should know how to hold a baby, flirt, speak more than one language, be a thoughtful houseguest, perform basic first aid, parallel park, etc.

More Listy Lovin':
Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Household Items - and to think I almost threw out the pack of wrong-sized coffee filters!
Broke? 20 Fun Things To Do* Without Spending a Dime - I'm already brilliant at free/cheap entertainment, but for those of you who need a few suggestions, here's a good start.
*Guerilla gardening = taking a weedy patch of urban blight and turning it into a flower/vegetable garden oasis, sans permission. Two years ago, I was supposed to join a guerilla gardening venture, even recruited a couple pals to help, but the blogger who came up with the idea flaked out on us at the last minute. We might have gone on without him but he was to contribute a vital element: the location. I still love the idea and hope to do it someday.

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