Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Showing No-Shows

A message last night said that an agent wanted to show the Villa today at 11am. I called first thing this morning to confirm, and then spent two hours tidying, dusting, sweeping, and putting a spit shine on every surface. Then I raced outside to cut flowers for a a couple of vases, then swept the sidewalk and raked up the #@!! sweetgum spinyballs within about a 6' swath of the sidewalk. Sweating and panting with the effort, I was done and ready at 10:59am. I called a neighbor to see if Molly & I could hang out for the duration of the showing.

And then I waited. And waited.

Yes, it was my second no-show, and this time the agent didn't even have the courtesy to call and cancel. This would be annoying to anyone, but it's infuriating to someone who's sick and literally draining herself to get the house ready to show.

In the midst of this, I did get a bit of good news. My next-door neighbors, The Three Little Pigs*, have been told that their lease will not be renewed. The landlord promised me this last year, then reneged on his promise. (A pox on him and his house. They have tormented me for 2 years and the landlord's reply has been, "Hmmm. Tough.") But this year, I believe it's happening, and I believe the landlord has learned a lesson. Since they were 93% of my reason for leaving, I am much consoled that if I don't sell the Villa, at least there is a chance that there will be peace in the valley, and life will be bearable, and I can put away my Home Voodoo kit.

*and their little doggie, a 50+lb. male pit bull, not neutered.

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