Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dogs Rule, Cats Drool!

The Plinky Question: Happy Earth Day! We think we're in charge of this planet just because we have TiVo. Which species do you think really runs the show?

My dog has taught me to feed her at exact times, give her treats regularly, arrange playdates, let her direct our walks, and pick up her poop. Since no one feeds me or picks up my poop, it's clear she's the Lead Dog, and you know what they say: If you're not the Lead Dog, the view never changes.


Margaret said...

Er, I think you have it slightly wrong...the correct phrasing is: Cats rule, dogs drool.

(P.S. I live with 4 wonderful, funny, adorable cats...)

La Cootina said...

Yeah, I knew I was itchin' for a fight with this one. ;D

I'm pretty sure your version is correct, and Molly is so submissive and complacent, we have yet to meet a kittycat who can't boss her around.