Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet Bro 2

I'm sure Bro 2 is happier "behind the scenes," he's a very modest guy. But I'm sorry I've gotten this far without a post about him, he is my closest sibling; in fact, we probably have the most in common among my siblings. We are both goal-oriented, and very sincere, passionate people. Most people might not expect it when they meet him, but Bro 2 is very good with kids of all ages. (I'm very good with kids up until adolescence; then, I think we should lock them in cages until they're 21.)

He is a talented keyboardist and photographer and just a little bit of a computer wiz. Bro 2 has always preferred to build his own computers (?) instead of buying something off the shelf. In fact, he has most of the family's mechanical aptitude. He is very much a make-anything, fix-anything kinda guy, and a good sport about tackling lengthy to-do lists whenever he visits me or the 'rents.

Bro 2 is an animal lover, but works such long hours, he's been afraid to get a dog. He did break down at one point and got a bird, a parakeet he thought was stupid -- even for a bird -- and named him "Einstein." (Look at the size of his head; what did you expect?) Bro 2 claimed he hated that bird. But... he had many opportunities to find a new home for Einstein, and instead, he kept him for years, shlepping him through several moves. Bro 2 has become a bit crusty and curmudgeonly in his old age... but that's just on the outside. He is the most soft-hearted, generous guy in the world. Just don't tell him I said so, okay?


Anonymous said...

I would just like to concur...Bro2 ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

I feel the love!! Group hug...