Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mission: Nearly Impossible

Just got the word from Supernurse G that this third (or fourth?) appeal with DieSuckah Health Insurance has finally resulted in approval for a PET scan. (This had to be pre-certified because it's a $4,000 scan.) The last appeal involved yet another phone conference with Dr. A, my oncologist, who probably could have been saving 3-4 more lives in the time he spent arguing with DieSuckah.

I was ready for another refusal! I want DieSuckah to realize that every time they turn me down, it invigorates me to dig in my heels; it inspires me to fight harder. I want to tell them that I would be happy to bring my attorney, or maybe my congressperson, or perhaps a consumer reporter, into the next conversation.

What a phenomenal waste of everyone's time and resources. All because DieSuckah had to be absolutely sure there was no way to weasel out of paying for a legitimate diagnostic tool. Believe me, DieSuckah, I am very, very sorry to be a client that costs you money rather than makes you money. But I am also a client who is determined to get the service I paid all those premiums for, that much should be clear by now.

I hope you never, ever need your health insurance, but if you do, remember that you're entitled to it. They count on wearing you down! But if you keep swinging at every pitch, they will give in eventually. And it really helps to have someone like Supernurse G or Dr. A -- who expect to fight the health insurance companies -- on your team.

Take THAT, DieSuckah!


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La Cootina said...

I do likes to kick some DieSuckah hiney...

Unknown said...

Ooooooooooooohhhh I hate the DieSuckahs! Do you find getting medications to be as difficult too? MailOrderBullSh*t makes me sick as well!