Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Sharing

Back at my home-way-from-home, the dentist's office, for what should be my final visit before the SCT. On my previous visit, the dental assistant told me about her young cousin who has Leukemia and underwent a SCT last fall. Before my caboose is even in the chair, the dental assistant has to bring me up to date: "He's not doing good. He had a relapse and he's back in the hospital."

(Yeah, that's just the kind of story a cancer patient wants to hear. Thanks for sharing!)

But I sympathize, ask for details, and promise to keep him in my prayers. Because in ways I am just beginning to understand, cancer has made me a better person.

And because, just in case there is a heaven, I ought to be hedging my bets about now. (Kidding, kidding. Gotcha!)


Michelle said...

People can be so, so dumb. Kick me if I tell you something like that. Please.

La Cootina said...

They can...but so can I. Maybe that's why I've been able to laugh at the worst of the tales. :)