Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peppermint Patsy

I’ve never been a binge-eater. Never had crazy cravings for just one food. Until now. I don’t know if it’s the cancer or the chemo (a phrase that I probably repeat often), but I’m definitely in the grip of cravings these days. I’m trying to eat a balanced diet, but it’s tough when your three food groups are Candy, Ice Cream, and Fruit.

For months, it was Gummy Bears. I’m embarrassed to admit that because I am -- or was -- a bona fide Foodie with a profound appreciation for real food, fresh ingredients, exciting combinations. Gummy Bears aren’t even food, they’re corn syrup and petroleum byproducts; more like anti-food. But that’s what I wanted, day in and day out.

It was actually kind of a relief to jump the rails and switch to (or rather, add) Peppermint Ice Cream as the new object of my affection. Aside from some artifical food coloring, it’s mostly real food. Real ice cream, peppermint flavoring, crunchy little bits of peppermint candy...mmm! And because I’m only serving myself from my itty bitty pyrex bowls, I can’t be doing too much damage. But I am a bit concerned about the depth of my passion... we are not “just friends,” Peppermint Ice Cream and I. If Peppy tries to tell you otherwise, let me know.

Strangely, my other love is fresh fruit. Ever since the diagnosis, this is one food that has never lost its appeal (ouch), even through the worst of treatment side effects. Oh, I can eat it in a pie or a tart, but mostly I am content to down bowls of it, naked. (The fruit, not me. Usually.) Or maybe with a tiny drizzle of chocolate sauce (strawberries, pineapple, banana). Or just a little shpritz of whipped cream. (Reddi-whip, not Cool-whip.)

What’s your food obsession? Is there something you could eat three times a day -- at least for a while?


Anonymous said...

That is a darned good question. I can eat exactly the same thing each day for each meal, but I will tell you this: if it has walnuts or fudge swirls or peanut butter .... well, it just has to be that much better. But now that I am getting my weight under control, I really don't crave that much. Maybe it's this weight-loss supplement thing that I am selling!! That has got to be the answer :)

Karen said...

I've mentioned it on my blog before: I have an addiction to black jellybeans. It's the perfect addiction, too, because NOBODY else wants any. I get them all to myself.

La Cootina said...

Brilliant! And easier to keep under control, I'd bet...