Friday, March 13, 2009

150 Years? Maybe for a START...

Bernard Madoff pled guilty Thursday to 11 criminal counts including money laundering, perjury and securities, mail and wire fraud and will do so without a plea deal, knowing it carries a potential prison term of 150 years. So poor Bernie may be going to jail for 150 years? Not enough, I say.

Courtroom mea culpas to the contrary, Bernie still doesn't get it (from a NY Daily News editorial):

Just when you thought Bernard Madoff could not behave more odiously, the Ponzi con man who has ruined countless lives outdoes himself. He pleads that his wife should be allowed to keep $69 million worth of assets. Bernie and the missus come to claim that $17 million in cash, $45 million in bonds and the $7 million apartment are the legitimate property of Lady Madoff, not the fruits of the fabulous fraud.
His fraud is believed to total $65 billion. Billion-with-a-B. I'm for stripping him and his wife and anyone else implicated of every single asset. EVERYTHING. We're selling your grandma's China, we're selling your shoes, we're selling your dog. We're selling every house and apartment - even the ones that "belong" to your wife, even the ones in Florida.

And if anyone should ever hire him again for anything (the man was once chairman of the Nasdac exchange!), we will take every cent he makes, above minimum wage. Then, let's bring back The Stocks. Let's throw rotten vegetables at him in the public square. Let him wrap himself in rags. Let him eat dog food. At night, let him sleep in a homeless shelter, or a cardboard box, if he prefers. Let him know that he is the most reviled man in America, hated more than Benedict Arnold, more than Rude LyingBlabberbutt.

And let every other rat bastard on Wall Street think about Madoff's punishment whenever they consider some brilliant scheme to defraud investors. Let them weigh a good job with a good salary against retribution, public humiliation, and abject poverty for the rest of their lives.

Punishment is supposed to be a deterrent! A sentence of 150 years doesn't come close to fitting the crime.

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Sandy said...

While we might have forgiveness for some, Madoff really stretches my capability for that sentiment. And I'm with you about stripping the ENTIRE family from all their "worldly" goods. And as for him, that federal prison better not have good food or treats - the idea of him spending all that time being feted by the taxpayer is just another insult.