Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big C Update

Just a quickie post before I head out for my second hit of chemo juice. The first one was Monday; I get it in an IV "push" and also get my lovely Dex by IV as well.

So far, so good. I know that may change; there may be a cumulative effect of the chemo drug and/or the Dex. But from here, it seems likely to be a repeat of last spring: the Dex will turn out to be more troublesome than the chemo. Dex is a steroid; it is given with the other drug to mitigate some of the side effects, and also help a little with your energy level through chemo. In my case, it will probably bring on diabetes again. I am on the same dosage as before, but now I'll be getting it twice a week instead of once. Will I be twice as crazy? {shudder} Twice as diabetic? I'll have to wait and see.

I've started another afghan project to keep out of trouble and give me something to do in the evenings besides stuff my face, which will get rounder with every Dex dose. Here is an afghan I made a couple months ago for Gracie's peeps (looks better with their living room color scheme). They have done so much for Molly and me, I could give them both my kidneys and I'd still be ahead. Then I made a second afghan for Bro 2, who supported me all last year. I'd made one for him in the 20+ years ago, and decided he should get an upgrade from that 80s mauve. Now I'm making one for Supergirl #1, in beautiful peacock colors.


Unknown said...

Beautiful peacock colors and maybe some kind of peacock pattern would be amazing. Just like yourself!

Anonymous said...

that afghan is gorgeous! it looks like a traditional pattern, but w/ a cool update. (love the color combo too.)

i read the link to your previous chemo-dex treatment. i am rendered almost speechless at your ability to write about such a hellacious experience w/ such self-deprecating humor. you've got some backbone, gal!

best, gina

ps i'm not intentionally "anonymous", but apparently blogger no longer offers an email-addy option(?)

La Cootina said...

Thanks. I usually like bolder colors myself, but thought these friends might prefer a softer palette.

Thanks for signing, Gina, so I know who you are (sort of!).

I'll make sure to get a pic of afghan #3, and maybe persuade my brother to send a pic of the one I made for him. That was in my favorite autumn colors. Manly autumn colors, of course!