Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And it's not even steroid day!

You know, when the headlines make me feel like the poster girl for mental health, it's going to be a bad day.

Cuckoo Crazy #1: A day late and $700 billion short, congresspigs are finally catching Outrage Fever from their constituents. We're bailing out insurance giant AIG, because supposedly allowing it to go under would cause even greater upheaval. (So much for a free market economy.) AIG execs were getting $165 million in bonuses while the company was taking billions from the government pushed public anger over the edge. Catch the fever: Off With Their Heads!

Cuckoo Crazy #2: Scientology Spokesman Confirms Xenu Story. After years of dismissing the story as false, Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis has confirmed that the story of mankind's origins involving an alien overlord named Xenu (known to senior Scientologists as part of "Operating Thetan Level III", or "OT III" for short) is indeed authentic Scientology teaching:

Hubbard instructed his followers not to mention OT III to any non-Scientologist and Scientologists who themselves have not reached the level, ostensibly because Hubbard wrote that people are liable to fall victim to pneumonia and die if exposed to the Xenu story before they have completed the preparatory steps in Scientology. Scientologists pay up to $350,000 to reach OT III. Those that reach OT III are required to have a safe in their home and to transport the OT III materials in a locked briefcase.
It's pretty clear to most of us that L. Ron Hubbard was an interesting crazy person, who occasionally had valid, interesting little ideas in between large, crazy ramblings. And it's just sad to me, that seemingly sane people have elevated Scientology to a religion when it should have been nothing more than an amusing historical footnote. It might be a philosophy, but it's certainly not a religion.

Crazy but Audacious: Tibetan Messengers outfox "Great Firewall" of China
One reader at a time, they are trying to explain how China violates its own policies in denying rights to Tibetans. The Dalai Lama fled Tibet 50 years ago yesterday, when it was invaded by China and has lived as a leader in exile ever since.

Crazy Freak Accident: A simple tumble during a ski lesson may have turned into a serious brain injury for one of my favorite actresses, Natasha Richardson. What a sad, horrible accident. Her family is at her side, hoping for good news soon. My thoughts are with them.

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