Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rakin' Angels

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, and although they might have been hung over and/or had better things to do, NINETEEN friends showed up to help decrapify the Villa! I tried several times to tell them they were done, and send them home; they wouldn't leave! They cleaned the flower beds, raked the #@!! Sweetgum balls and Redbud seed pods from the whole yard, edged and swept the sidewalk, and cleaned the gutters. As a result, the Villa has never looked better. THANKS to Chris, Pat, Susan, Kerry & Mary Ann, Jill & Randy, Gary & Kelly, Bill & Judy, Nick & Mary Ann, Susie, Cathy C & Jason, and Sis, TJ and KC.

(Filed under friends who continue to surprise me: Cathy C took up sewing this year and you'd think she'd been doing it all her life. She started by making gorgeous, reversible, reusable wine totes. Sunday she brought her first quilt project to show me: an amazing, beautiful, complex geometric pattern that sure doesn't look like a first effort.)

Puppy pals Harp, Daisy, and Gracie also came for moral support. Daisy and Gracie protested briefly but eventually settled in to work on some homemade Frosty Paws.

Thanks, everyone! I can't believe what you were able to accomplish in less than two hours.

Same time next month? (...kidding! kidding!)

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