Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I had a bad moment at the infusatorium. I said something stupid to another patient. Not mean or hurtful, just thoughtless. Still, it was troubling enough that I tried to catch her again to apologize, but there wasn't an opportunity. Fast forward to a fairly uneventful day, other than the fact that I had to start using insulin again.

It just so happens that I had two Netflix movies in a row with a death/funeral motif; purely coincidence. I have not watched movies like "Bucket List" because I thought it would just seem to grim, hit a little too close. But these both sounded funny... and they were!

Last night I watched "Ghost Town," with Ricky Gervais and Tea Leoni. Gervais is a rude, self-centered dentist who dies briefly while under anesthesia. (Of course, I fell in love with his character when he refused to answer questions on the hospital admission form!) When he awakes, he finds that he can see ghosts, who badger him for help with unresolved issues. It was a little predictable, with messages of redemption and compassion, but still charming and entertaining.

Tonight's movie, "Death at a Funeral," was a real howler. Netflix's blurb:

The funeral for the patriarch of a wealthy but eccentric British clan is turned topsy-turvy when a stranger appears claiming to be the dead man's gay lover... The dysfunctional family grows wackier as the deceased's sons decide they can't let the rest of the guests get wind of this revelation. But can they get the cat back into the bag?
didn't do it justice. Hilarious subplots included a bottle of LSD mistaken for valium, and a cantankerous, wheelchair-bound uncle who must be helped to the toilet. It is pure British farce, with feuding relatives, blackmail, accidents, hurt feelings, and secrets. Everyone tries to act normal, dignified, and remember that they're at a funeral, which makes it all funnier. The pacing builds to a funny, gratifying conclusion. Life's messy, and so is death.

Interestingly, about half the Netflix reviewers seemed to despise it. But I really enjoyed and was very consoled by this silly movie. It reminded me that there's a lot more tolerance and forgiveness out there than I usually imagine.

So, I've decided that instead of being the crazy lady who said something stupid, and then stalked and hounded and haunted, drowned in apologies and begged forgiveness... I'mgoing to let it go, and just be the crazy lady who said something stupid. I hope she's already completely forgotten me.

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