Saturday, March 7, 2009

I crack me up, #7,493

Got my copy of the surgery notes and read through it as best I could. If you've ever read surgical notes, or even MRI/CT scan reports, you know that the object of the game is to use as little English as possible, and to make the report as difficult to understand as possible. Still, I gleaned most of the vital information, and was just a little bit pleased to see that even when unconscious, I am capable of being, "incredibly difficult." But I was surprised when I came to this bit:

...using the same technique with AP and lateral fluoroscopy, cannulated down into and through the left T7 pedicle and into the vertebral body...We did attempt to take a biopsy but it was not fruitful.
What? The attempt to take a biopsy was not fruitful? Oh, my gosh! And then I cracked up what?

(Given my circumstance, I should probably use a term other than "cracking up.")

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