Thursday, March 26, 2009

Au Revoir, Littermama

The latest on the plastic surgery- and attention-addicted freak show I call Littermama:

By now, everyone has heard her horrifying hysterics in a call to 911 -- "I'm going to kill myself! I'm going to kill myself!" -- when one of her then-6 kids was on a walk around the block ...with a nanny. Does this give us all a clue as to how stable and well-prepared she is to handle fourteen children?

We heard she fired her publicist. I have a problem with the fact that she even HAD a publicist, before she had arranged for a HOME for the half-dozen kids she'd already birthed much less the next half-dozen-plus-two. Before she had arranged for nursing, feeding, care-giving help, before she had arranged for food, transportation, all of life's basic necessities, she was having her nails done, shopping for video games, and hiring and firing publicists. Before the ink was dry on their contract, a second publicist quit, stating unequivocally that Suleman is "nuts." Yeah, talk about a keen grasp of the obvious.

Littermama initially declined FREE nanny care for the babies by Angels in Waiting, reportedly because AIW absolutely refused to allow cameras in the nursery or be part of any reality tv show. Dr. Phil shamed Littermama into accepting help, reminding her that if she really has the children's best interests at heart, she has no business refusing skilled, professional help that is offered without cost. But it's clear that she felt this was foisted on her.

Unfortunately for Littermama, AIW takes their job seriously and consider themselves professionals. Their absolute first priority is the health and safety of the children in their care. And almost immediately, they saw hazards and filed three legitimate complaints with CPS (Children's Protective Services); one nurse believes Ms. Suleman only notices the babies "when there are cameras present." The list of people she has alienated is growing daily, at a time when her need for help (not her psychotic need for attention) is painfully evident.

It's a train wreck waiting to happen and I don't want to be in the front row. So I'm done posting about Littermama, with this as my final sign-off: If she is, indeed, receiving death threats...STOP IT. That's not helping anyone, and it's not going to wrest her collagen-inflated lips from the public teat. I think the best thing we could all do is ignore her completely. Let Social Services take over and do their jobs: monitoring the welfare of her flock, 24/7. (I was going to send you over to a blog called Suleman Without Pity, but I see that author has just reached the same decision.)

BUT (here's my big BUT!)... if I hear that anyone has made a book deal, or a TV deal, with Littermama (aka Octocrazy, Octoliar, and my personal favorite, Octopussy), I will be leading the parade to boycott that publisher/network. Because there's a chance that publicity is what she was after all along, and if she gets it, if we allow it and encourage it...we are condoning the same behavior from copycat nutjobs, and I just can't be a part of that.


Sandy said...

The Media -sharks chasing chum... and anything is fodder for their voracious maws. I agree with you that paying any attention to this sick situation is only going to push more buttons and the elevator is going to speed up - not stop on any floor. But that is what the sharks want. Sad.. cuz it's the kids who really do need help.

tim's wife said...

Only in America can you become famous, rich, get a book deal,
sell jeans or pocketbooks all because you had sex with some married politician or celebrity,
or did some other stupid, immoral
thing that the media got wind of.
It's pathetic and just depressing to see what is happening to the moral fiber of the US. And the porn industry wants a bailout.
My definition of bailout: scoop them up in a bucket and throw them in the ocean.