Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go See...

Yet another brilliant art book.
Exquisite impressionist paintings by Leonid Afremov, a Belarus-born, Israeli modern artist.
Nine fashions no (hetero) man should ever wear. I disagree with the hats...but the spray tans are definitely for wiggaz!
What Europeans think of each other...followed by vigorous debate.

Cakewrecks - when good cakes go bad. Be sure to hit the "older posts"at the bottom; they get betterer and betterer.
Misspelled tattoos and a few more here and the definitive horrible tattoos. Again, older posts and many links are worthwhile.

And let me just vent a bit about "tribal" icons and Asian tattoos. Do you really want to take a chance that your tatt doesn't say "Maori Warrior" or "Courage and Justice," but instead says "I'm Wearing Mommy's Underpants" or "Yet Another Asshole Who Can't Read Chinese?" Really, it would serve you right...

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