Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here's a whole page of links/stories about Littermama Nadya Suleman. And here's a single article that highlights the most recent craziness. Boy, there's a lot of it!

You know, the kids are here. Our outrage over how they got here is not going to change the fact that there are 14 children under the age of 6 living with a woman who has serious mental health problems. And these nutjobs who are issuing her and her "publicist" death threats are even crazier than Littermama, who is Mayor of Crazytown.

I was fortunate enough to be born to people who believe their first obligation as parents is to put their childrens' needs ahead of their own. That's Parenting 101, and yet it seems to be the opposite of Littermama's philosophy. For that reason alone, our concerns are justified. I'm ready to hear about how the professionals are ensuring that all the children are clean, safe, fed and nurtured by non-crazy, responsible adult(s). Social services should be watching every breath she takes for the next 18 years, and be prepared to swoop in and save 14 children from Looney Tunes at a moment's notice.

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