Sunday, February 22, 2009

Groovy House Stuff

Forgive me, Carrie Bradshaw, but I'm pretty much over the whole Shoe Thing. If I weren't, however, I would have ordered this shoe rack immediately. In fact, I may order it anyways and just find another use for it - that's how brilliant it is! On my way to finding it, I also discovered...
Who needs picture frames? Cover one wall with this paper, and post your family pics with double-sticky. I love home decor with a sense of humor.

I'm in love with this lovebird pillow.

And isn't it groovy when you find a retailer with good products, who also seems committed to doing good works? These products come from Le Souk:

Le Souk donates at least 5% of its profits to Women for Women. This nongovernmental organisation helps women in war-torn regions rebuild their lives by providing them with job skills training, rights education, access to capital, assistance in small business development and financial and emotional support.
I'm also in love with the idea, at least, of trying to buy American-made products. In fact, I'd rather spend a couple bucks more for a product and try to keep my neighbors employed, than save a few bucks buying crap at Wall(OChina)-Mart. At www.RoomandBoard.Com, I love most of the furniture, and 85% of their 2009 collection is made in the USA, supporting family-owned companies. Even their clearance items are out of my price range right now, but if I hit the lottery, I'll have a little spree here and feel good about it.

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