Friday, February 6, 2009

Lunatic littermom full of excuses

Oh, yes, I did see Whickity-Whack Crazy Lady on The Today Show. Ann Curry did a fine job of grilling Nadya Suleman until she was extra crispy. Frankly, I think WWCL is just pretending that she doesn't get it. If she's not pretending, she's definitely eligible to be president of the Rod Blagojevich Delusional Cuckoo Club.

Whickity-Whack said she has "chosen an unconventional life" -- gag me with euphemisms! -- and that she will "never apply for public assistance." Yeah, I'd like a peek at her crystal ball. "I'm going to stop my life and just be present with them." Her theory is that she'll be able to care for her horde after she gets her advanced degree. And who's going to "put food on her family" until then? And who's going to care for your other 6 toddlers while you take care of eight infants? If you were going to write a scenario for neglect, this would be it.

Well, clearly math is not one of her strengths. Neither is logic. "I had a dysfunctional family so I was lonely as a child." doesn't jibe with "my family will help me raise 14 kids." And is anyone else horrified that Litter Mama is a "mental health professional?" Jeez!

Best comment: Call her "Lara Croft, Womb Trader."
Today Show psychiatric and medical consultants, Dr. Gail Saltz and Dr. Nancy Snyderman, were united in their opinions: the words denial, delusion and defensive were offered. They theorized that Suleman may have lied to her doctors; frankly, I'm hoping she did, but she claims to have had all her fertility treatments at the same clinic, so they must have been aware...? They also estimated her hospital bill, just for the birth and post-natal care, to be $1.5-$3 million.

I've already seen some boards discussing one issue I also wondered about: she certainly appears to have a big ol' mouth full of collagen. How does she afford that?

(Something else driving me crazy: I know I have seen this nutbag before. I'm sure of it. Can't think of where, I'm blaming chemo-brain, but I'm sure of it.)


Anonymous said...

Last weekend I was with my sisters and was reading this story aloud to them from my iPhone. We were laughing as I read one unbelievable statement after another. It's incredible!

How are you feeling? The kyphoplasty is Tuesday?

La Cootina said...

Yep - all systems go. I'm counting the minutes!