Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine Contest: Love Means...

I used to collect heart pins. I got four of these (top three and bottom right) from the local blood bank. I was a 3+ gallon donor, just a pint or two away from my four gallon pin, when I stopped donating. That was five years ago. I've also been an organ donor for 20+ years, and was tissue-typed about three years ago for bone marrow donation. It's kind of ironic (if that's the right word?) that from hereon, no one wants anything from me: no blood, bone marrow, or organs. Not even my corneas! I'm tainted.

Where was I? Oh, heart pins. So I guess I've only collected two: the groovy plastic one on the left, and the silver heart pin with the birdie. Every Valentine's Day, I'd wear them down my sleeve, because I am so subtle and discreet. (Actually, I say and do a lot of things just for my own amusement. I am my own little rolling punchline.)

I'm downsizing the collection. The bloodbank pins will go in the recycling (or wherever Chris tells me they should go). I'll hang on to the birdie pin, but I'm going to part with my adorable plastic heart pin with plastic lace edging. Which really is cute - cuter than this picture, for sure.

It will be the Grand Prize in my Valentine's Day Contest.
Complete this sentence in 20 words or less: "Love means..."
Add it to the comments here; I will determine the winner.


tim's wife said...

OK LaCoot, I'll be first. Hope this is not too dark but for the last 2 years, this is what love is about to me.
"LOVE MEANS......Sticking around to shovel when the shit hits the fan."
I'll try to come up with a happier one too!! :)

La Cootina said...

Excellent - and you are in a position to know first-hand. I'm sure you & Tim use a lot of dark humor to help you...shovel. ;D

Kathy from NJ said...

I agree with Tim's wife, she said it way better than I ever could. I've been shoveling since 9/24/01 (stroke).

Love means - Joy in the heart when you hear his/her voice.

tim's wife said...

I have been trying to think of a
sweet saying for this but I am completely stumped and it
has taught me that THERE IS NO ROMANCE IN MY LIFE. After 23 and a half years, love becomes practical matters that I have to be grateful for. So here's one example.
"Love means.....not having to shave your legs EVERYday!" Girls,
admit it, you know this is true.
Happy Valentine's Day! :-)