Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Nostalgia

Bro 1 with his harem: me, and Cousins 1 and 2. There is a first cousin "between" each kid in my family. I think Cousin 2 and I are the closest in age, just 6 months apart. We were in the same Sunday school classes, but a year apart in public school. We took ballet lessons together & sometimes dressed alike, so people often thought we were twins. I thought that was crazy, that we didn't look anything alike, but I guess we did - at least at this age! Look at my little hand: I'm already a ridiculously dainty girly-girl, why gild the lily with ballet lessons?
I'm almost sure the car in these two photos is The Plymouth, famous as the site of The Cherry (Phthththth!) Pie Incident.
This picture was labeled "Post-Recital Ice Cream." I vaguely remember that as a reward for having survived a piano recital, we went for ice cream, not at the neighborhood Dairy Queen, but all the way across town for "fancy" ice cream at Howard Johnson's. I was SCARRED FOR LIFE by a creepy little piano teacher, but the trauma did not cross over into the ice cream experience. I am still quite brave when it comes to both ice cream and Howard Johnson's.


John said...

Wow! Look at the fins on that car...

Great pics of the kids.

La Cootina said...

Yes, cars had a lot of style then. You'd never mistake a Ford for a Pontiac or an Olds. And bumpers! You really had to bang into something to ding a steel bumper.