Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Firsts

Today was my first shower since the surgery! Yes, I was a little concerned that someone might hang a "Bait Shop" sign on my front porch. I'd been putting it off because (creepy alert) although I have several incisions, I don't have any stitches! Everything is held in place by paper tape, and I was assured that by the time the tape falls off, everything should be all healed up underneath. Yeah, keyword: should. It's also a little creepy that I can't see the incisions or the tape. Well, I can sort of see them, with several mirrors and some painful contorting. But I went ahead and showered this morning, and as far as I know, everything is still in place.

I also had my first shampoo in 6+ months! I'm not sure I needed it, but I felt it was a nice gesture to acknowledge and encourage my peachfuzz.

Speaking of firsts, a friend told me she's signed up for a ballet class, something she's never done before. Our urban university offers some very cool adult ed classes like this one, at satellite locations around the city. I used to take 1-2 classes a year in something "new" just to challenge myself. They were mostly some version of creative writing or some version of fitness/exercise -- Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi. I had to stop taking the writing classes; there were too many stupid and/or illiterate students; not good for someone who's trying to be less critical and judgmental. These adult ed classes are like the "new" little league: everyone gets to play whether they're any good or not. It was often very difficult to come up with a constructive critique. Stupid and/or illiterate students should be encouraged to read more. I'm not sure they should be encouraged to write more, especially when I have to listen to them read their work.

You were beginning to wonder if that train of thought had a caboose, weren't you? Well, here it comes. After a year of near-inertia, I'm thinking I should sign up for something this spring. Unfortunately, I just checked the course catalog and the only one that really interests me right now -- Mindfulness Meditation -- already has a waiting list. But I'll be keeping an eye out for something interesting. My brain would really like to come out and play.


John said...

You always leave me laughing. You are my therapy. LOL about being less critical and judgmental, you will never get there, nor should you.

Anyway, you seem to have your mojo back. Good luck on the meditation class. I've benefitted from a yoga lady's gift of TLC and Pema Chodron. Google her for some excellent lectures.

La Cootina said...

Thanks for the tip, John. I'll check out Ms. Chodron.

If I'm doomed to never overcome my judgmental tendencies (as appears to be the case)...perhaps I can instead divert my energies into learning to keep my piehole shut more often.

In person, that is. If I didn't have this outlet, I'm sure I'd just explode.

Ang said...

Hey there, Cootina. :) LTNT. Things are nuts in the house of drama and I fell off the face of the earth for awhile. But I'm catching up now on your life, and I'm glad you are recovering well from surgery. Having my own next week, but it's totally cosmetic and vain, so I'll spare you details. :) But I'll be home for two weeks, so let's catch up online, shall we?