Monday, February 16, 2009

Shower Addendum: Another urgent reason (as if I needed another reason) for the shower was that the surgery team had forgotten to remove what I guess was an EKG connection: a little metal button on a 2" square sticky pad. It was just below my armpit. I'd tried washing several times with soap & water with little effect. Whatever that sticky stuff is, NASA ought to use it to keep the shuttle tiles on. I finally scrubbed the area with acetone, then more soap & water. That did the trick.

I know medical people are people, too, and imperfect, and just as likely to make mistakes as the rest of us. I've been a bit horrified at how often mistakes are made, and how elementary those mistakes can be. I don't know what the solution is, if one even exists, but again, having a partner to help keep track, ask questions, monitor results, etc., must make a huge difference in one's stress level. I found the EKG button on Tuesday evening, the same day as the surgery. Ever since then, I've been wondering... does the surgery team actually count the sponges?


Unknown said...

I think my husband had 2 or 3 of those still stuck to him after his surgery. I wonder how much hospitals would pay a person to count supplies--we should look into it.

Anonymous said...

My favorite little souvenirs!

Michelle said...

Ouch!! Glad you were able to eventually remove it. Let's not think about the sponges, 'kay?!?!