Thursday, February 5, 2009

How Do I Love Thee?

How Do I Love Valentine's Day? Lots and Lots. Isn't it just shmoopy that we have a holiday to celebrate love? And those of you who have trouble saying "I Love You" now have a convenient stepping stone? It's love-ly!

The best Valentines are home-made. Write a poem or a song. Make a cake or a piece of furniture. And don't forget the hand-made card, because actions speak louder than words, but on Valentine's Day, we want 'em both. Get out your ribbons, doilies, rubber stamps, etc. Include a very personal message: "I love your smarts, I love your spunk, especially when you're cross-eyed drunk!" Or maybe "No one else in the world can burn egg salad. Only you."

You have more than a week, so get started:
Heart-shaped toast (we used to call it a bulls-eye)
Eat Your Heart Out - more wonderful Valentine food ideas
Free Valentines to download and print. Me loves a lovebird.
Wood You Be Mine? The perfect card if your love is a bit squirrely.
Etsy's "My Funny Valentine" Gift Guide. Buying something handmade is the next best thing.

If someone's in the doghouse, you may need an Anti-Valentine, it may be time for a message like, "Success isn't for everyone." Or how about, "You Go, Girl. No, Really. Go." You're really going to love me for sending you to Carol Lee's Hate Mail.

Above Right: "I Heart Your Sparkle." Beaded felt heart pin. Below: "You Are My Sunshine." Hand-crocheted cotton sunflower pins. Also daisies, asters, daffodil. All to appear in our Etsy shop soon.


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I love how you think :) I still chuckle everytime I think of the wine label you made for our Lynn-o project! If only I had half the wit. I hope your doing well. I think of you lots.

La Cootina said...

Well, since I'm a half-wit, that would make you a quarter-wit..and that's just not possible ;D

Nick said...

Your posts are hilarious -- I nearly spit water over my keyboard at the headline "lunatic gives birth..."

I'm glad you found my blog. Be strong. There's no reason this disease needs to define us. There are so many emerging drugs, each with fewer side effects than those which preceded them and with greater efficacy. You can kick this thing square in the ass. Say it with me: cancer picked the wrong person to mess with!

Be well, Nancy, and please keep in touch.

All the best,

Nick van Dyk
40-year old with MM

La Cootina said...

Thanks, Nick. I return all your good wishes. I'm not always as strong as I should be (okay, almost never), so I really count on my MM homies to help me through the rough patches. Honored to have you on my team.