Monday, September 15, 2008


Got my ducks in a row here, ready for the big check-in tomorrow. Have a lovely "Bonne Chance" dinner with the hoodies on Saturday and a brunch with my foodies in Sunday (pics to follow). Suitcase is packed and I'm ready to go.

And I just got a phone call from my transplant coordinator telling me that I definitely will NOT be checking in tomorrow at 8am. Of course, my parents have just come back from taking a few days off; wish we might have known this yesterday. There is a chance I may check-in on Thursday, but there are currently 9 patients waiting to check in and no beds available. There is a chance -- I sense more of a likelihood -- that my check-in may be delayed until next week. My coordinator said that "It's not unusual to be delayed for one week. It would be very unusual to be delayed for more than one week."

I'm a little disappointed, but even with the uber-itchyness, it's all manageable. In the Big Scheme, one week won't make a difference, no one is horribly inconvenienced. If anything, my heart goes out to the patients who are clogging the pipeline; patients who were expected to go home and have been delayed. That's got to be a lot tougher than waiting to get in.

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