Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bonne Chance!

Hoodie Chris hosted a lovely supper on Saturday night. Bro #1 was in town and joined us. We also enjoyed the company of her 5 kitties and our 4 dogs, including Miss Molly and her BFF, Gracie May. It was sort of a family night: Mary Ann's sister Charlotte and mother Anita joined us. Charlotte is a nurse and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She has performed acupuncture on me several times and I think she's a miracle worker. Anita is also a nurse (now retired) and helped me with those delightful Neupogen shots. In addition to the food, the vino, and the charming chatter, the highlight was persuading Bro to play a song or two on the piano. We managed two before he signed off with his "leave 'em wanting more" philosophy.

Seven of nine Foodies gathered for a Good Luck brunch on Sunday. Providing a little balance to all the estrogen, we were joined by a brother, two boyfriends and the Heartbreak Kid himself, Baby Andrew. My awesome peeps had a generous contribution from the sales of cookbooks and crafts to give me. And a lovely wig in case I decide the classic pageboy wig from my S-I-L is just too flashy. And did I mention a delicious brunch? These girls can cook - if you haven't already, get yourself a cookbook before they sell out.

Front row (l to r) Lynn, Amy, Michelle; back row Christie, Nancy, Cathy F, Cathy C
Not pictured: Karin, Angela, and "honorary member" Stephanie

I want the Hoodies AND the Foodies to know I don't expect another send-off soiree when I finally get the high sign for admittance. But thanks for two great meals and all the good wishes. I don't know what I did to deserve you all.


Anonymous said...

I am working and thinking about you, thinking about you and working. I am sending you as much positive healing energy as I can through the air waves. Please be well and safe so you can come out and play again!

La Cootina said...

I'm trying, I promise!

Michelle said...

Sunday was so much fun! And I'm glad we got a picture to commerate the occasion....I think that last big group picture was during Lynn's kitchen remodel!! Thinking of you and hoping that you get a schedule of what's to come soon!

Anonymous said...

I miss you all so much. Great photo of the gang. Seeing everyone makes me crave some of the fav dishes - guess I'll have to tackle something in our cookbook this weekend :)