Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't wait for someone else...

to bring you flowers. Grow your own!

In a fit of self-pity last spring, I told Mom I wasn't going to plant anything. She wisely filled just a couple of containers with impatiens... and I quickly realized I'd be miserable without flowers. So I put a few of those "Wave" petunias in the window box; three on each side, I believe.
And I planted just 2 packets of zinnia seeds. I've been enjoying one bouquet after another. I don't believe in waiting for someone to do something I can (and should) do for myself, but if someone wanted to bring me flowers, that would be absolutely 100% acceptable.


Kathy from NJ said...

That brought back a memory of my father who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1990 at age 70. It was time to plant fall bulbs that would come up the following spring & he wondered if he'd get to see them. He got to enjoy those daffodils for another 17 years.

La Cootina said...

Wow - what a great story, Kathy. Thanks!