Saturday, September 20, 2008

Protect Access to Health Care

For your sisters, nieces, daughters and granddaughters. For yourselves.

The Bush Administration has proposed regulations that could seriously undermine the ability of American women to get basic reproductive health care, including birth control and abortion. The regulations put politics above women’s health care needs.

The rule leaves open the possibility that -- based on religious beliefs -- institutions and individuals can deny women access to birth control. It also permits individuals to refuse to provide information and counseling about basic heath care services. And it expands existing laws by permitting a wider range of health care professionals to refuse to provide even referrals for abortions.
Tell the Bush Administration to Reinstate Patient Protections and STOP the Health Care Refusal Regulations!
At a time when more and more Americans are either uninsured or struggling with the soaring costs of health care, the federal government should be expanding access to important health services, not undermining existing protections or interfering in programs that have successfully provided services for years.
Read more here, and sign the petition by September 25 here.

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