Monday, September 29, 2008

First Grade... at last

First Grade...Remember what a proud day that was? Kindergarten was for babies. What else do I remember about first grade? Hard to tell, but this was my toothless picture.

Well, I thought my teacher was a monster because she had freckles on her arms, something I'd never seen before. She yelled at me one day for reasons I didn't understand, and I had nightmares for a long time afterwards.

Oh, and in January, I got to make the big Goldfish Announcement.

I think my mom insisted on setting my hair in pincurls almost every night. There were always a few hairs that got pinched horribly and made it impossible to sleep. I got exactly this much curl each morning, and by lunchtime it was gone. Hardly worth it for a few hours' of this "Flying Nun" look.


josh williams said...

My mom at this point in my life had given up on pin curls and was just happy to see me on the bus with my older sib. Waving and crying at the same time, some of the tears where of course that her little boys were going to school so they could become president and part of the tears I suspect were those of joy at the thought of not having to break up a fight between us or listen to our constant battle of words, not a true fight, just the beginning oh the real deal.
Real deal? Me taking my older brother by four years and using all the Batman moves and Dick the Bruiser moves I had learned from the TV. To this day my brother fears my wrath.
Thanks for the forum where I can brag about whupping up on my big brother back in the day.I suspect he is not reading this post so I show with pride the bravery of being out of range. Kind Regards JW

Anonymous said...

I love this part of your blog the best!! I remember first grade for this reason: I was the first one to get to school with a note from my parents that allowed me to take home the room Guinea Pig!! I was a dawdler, so my parents gave me the note never thinking that I could actually move my tush in any speed other than "slow"... Good old Brownie, the first of a long line of pet g-pigs, which my little bro and I imagined we would stock in our Guinea Pig Ranch out west one day! Another of Life's Dreams denied.