Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And Awaaay I Go!

This afternoon I got a call from the transplant coordinator. It was completely unexpected; I had reconciled myself to wait until next Tuesday.

In fact, IN FACT, I actually reviewed the Portita Flushing Procedure yesterday with my visiting nurse and, AND (!) I ACTUALLY FLUSHED THE PORT ALL BY MYSELF TODAY. (Cue violins: "This Girl Is A Woman Now") If I'd had ANY idea there was just one more day of home care, I would have been delighted to impose on the visiting nurse one more time! But I thought I was looking at another full week of care, and felt an obligation to finally start being a little bit less of a weenie.

So, knowing this may still change, the tentative plan is to be admitted tomorrow at 8am. Then I will "settle in," which I expect to be something like checking into prison. We have been given fairly detailed lists of What Is and What Is Not Allowed in the SCT/BMT areas; I imagine a scene in which a Nurse Diesel* look-alike starts chucking my stuff in a plastic bin. Forbidden! Verboten! I'll just keep zisss for you....and zees.

On Day One, which is called Day Minus One, I'll get my big honkin' dose of Melphalan. Woohoo. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

*from High Anxiety, one of Mel Brooks' funniest movies.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, Nancy for all your strength and spirit. Glad things are moving along as they should. Keep those nurses on their toes while you're there :) I wonder how long it will be before you're hosting fun soirees in your room to pass the time -- I can just imagine the mischief now ;)

Michelle said...

Thinking of you this morning--hope "settling in" is going well!

Anonymous said...

I'm echoing what Michelle said!
Love, me