Monday, September 29, 2008


I feel like Sally Fields in the (whatever year) Oscars: You like me. You really like me!.

To Michelle, Holly, Mac, Kathy, & others amazed at the notion of anti-hiccup medication: it doesn't really work. (You suspected as much, didn't you?) What does work is a large tablespoon of peanut butter, downed in one gulp. In my case, it works for 30-60 minutes. If you're still a' hiccin', only a hefty dose of anti-anxiety medication will work. It's probably worth it, at that point, because having the hiccups for a prolonged period of time does indeed create a whole lot of tension and anxiety, not to mention a whopper of a stomach ache. If you suffer hics with some regularity, tell your doc you need to keep anti-anxiety med in your arsenal.

(Unrelated: Kathy, I loveloveylove thedry washcloths. Brilliant.)

To Margaret, Superchai, Josh, et al, Fresh fruit is crawling with juicy goodness, and harmless bacteria, and maybe one dangerous lil bacterii. There was a time when I could have been tempted by a bowl of canned peaches, maybe with a llittle brown sugar and pecans. No more. I now believe that fruit should be either fresh-picked, flash frozen, or compost.

To Becky G: My long lost gal pal! I bet your darling daughters are teens now. Yikes! It was so nice to hear from you, though we both wish for different circumstances.

Josh: I missed the first presidential debate; couldn't risk the chance that it wouldn't cheer me up. Not so for the VPs. I expect a rip-roaring good time and expect to have the full armory of anti-meds (anti-anxiety, anti-seizure) at the ready. My only concern: will I be able to distinguish Sarah Palin from Tina Fey?


Michelle said...

You crack me up! Oh, and I found out over the weekend--a shot of lime juice is supposed to help with the hiccups!!

Margaret said...

You crack me up, too! :-)

I was kidding about the fruit, actually. I know all about those nasty germies. Have you ever read Fanatic Cook's blog? Well, if you like to eat melon...DO NOT go there. I haven't touched a melon since...;-)

I will think about you as I watch the VP debate on Thursday...after watching the Couric interview, I expect some good stuff, too.

Take care!
Firenze, Italia

Meeta Banerjee said...

Where were you when I needed an anti-hiccup cure??? I'll have to try this next time. If I can fight the dog off in time to swallow the peanut butter.

And seriously I understand the fresh fruit concept. I really don't care for canned or jarred fruit. I'd rather eat it when it comes with the seasons. Like for instance, it is apple season here in the midwest :) how I LOVE a good apple ...or pie ;)