Friday, September 5, 2008

No, Really, I mean Certifiable...

Attempts at dissuading McCain
Were certainly made, but in vain.
He's yet to be shown
What everyone's known:
That four-fifths of PALIN is PAIN.

Steve Bates

That came from Yellow Doggerel Democrats.
Find three more limericks at Mad Kane.

Was McCain thinking that women might switch from Hillary Clinton to this wacky, uber-fundamentalist, moose-hunting, soon-to-be-grannyfied Alaskan head case just because she's got a pair of ovaries? As MadKane points out, she stands for EVERYTHING I DESPISE, and I'm betting most women agree with me.

Commentary: Sarah Palin, right and wrong (CNN, Hilary Rosen)
Palin's Secession Flirtation (LA Times, Rosa Brooks)
Palin: Wrong Woman, Wrong Message (LA Times, Gloria Steinem)
McCain's Quayle (23/6, Some of the News Most of the Time)
People Who Would Be Better Picks than Palin (23/6)


Margaret said...

I'm with you 100%. I find this woman very SCARY! Have you watched the Jon Stewart shows on her? Good stuff!

By the way, I hope you don't mind (pliz let me know if you do!), I am adding your blog to my links.

Take care!
Margaret :-)
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Florence, Italy

La Cootina said...

Thanks for the link, Margaret. I hope you continue to smolder for years and years ;D