Monday, September 22, 2008


Judging by the amount of pain and swelling, Mr. Clot is still firmly attached, which, I'm told, is a good thing. We don't want Mr. Clot wandering around to, oh, say, my heart or lungs. Our goal is for Mr. Clot to soften a bit and eventually be reabsorbed. The twice-daily gut punctures of blood thinner will not dissolve Mr. Clot but will prevent future clots from forming. You're in the No Colonizing Zone, buster!

I would like to mention that I was told the blood thinner would be similar to the insulin injections. Liars! Not even close. The insulin pen has a needle that is barely 1/2" long and the breadth of a hair. The blood thinner has about a 2" needle with a girth I would call... significant.

It is called Lovenox, which I find offensive. There is nothing lovey about this. It should be called Clotnot or Clotfree or Clot-B-Gone! It causes a little bruise at the site of injection; I am attempting a perfectly symmetrical polka-dot pattern, to impress the nurses next week. As if they haven't already seen it all.

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Unknown said...

I'm impressed with the thought of your polka-dottedness!