Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm So Proud!

Left to right, Bro 1 (who is always surrounded by beautiful women), SG1, Phi Beta Kim, S-I-L, and S-I-L's mom.

What can SuperGirl #2 do to distinguish herself when she's grown up in the shadow of SuperGirl #1, who's done just about everything right, and well, since she was born? Well, she can make the Dean's List every semester, and then graduate Phi Beta Kappa. (Don't they know they're supposed to be part of the slacker generation?) She finally got a little well-deserved time off this summer, then dove head-first into her first full-time job: teaching high school Spanish. I'm so proud of her!

The whole family has been so wonderfully caring and concerned since my diagnosis. I know they would be here every day if they could, and their support has meant everything to me. S-I-L in particular has been so helpful and thoughtful. (And let me just pin this little ribbon on her while I'm thinking about it: it is not easy to be the first person to marry into a very close-knit family. Thanks for your patience with us!)

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