Monday, September 15, 2008

Translation, please?

"Your total collection of stem cells is 11.5 x 10^6 CD34+ cells per killogram. That is divided into 4 bags, 80 mls in each bag for a total of 320 mls.
Since I do not have Dr. A's final recommendation back, I do not know how many will be given for this transplant, and how much will be kept for any future use that might become necessary."

Can anyone translate the first two sentences for me? I have no idea what that means.


Karen said...

Good lord, woman! :) You got 11.5 million cells in one day; I only got 10.4 million after eight days. I wanna say they use about 2- 3 million per transplant (though I think it varies from place to place), so if they save some of those puppies, you could have enought for a few more transplants down the road.

Yeah, I'm sure MORE transplants sound very exciting to you right now. :)

Unknown said...

Half of these cells will be used for your transplant and half saved for down the road. So you'll get 5.75 million CD34+ stem cells per kg, a heck of a lot (you stem cell studette!). Hopefully your engraftment will be speedy b/c of the large number of cells transplanted. Go Nancy! Go cells! Go Nancy's Cells!!

La Cootina said...

Oh, yay. I was HOPING it was good news!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'm glad somebody knew what that meant, and that it was good. This is what it meant to me:


Anonymous said...

Lots of cells! Way to go! :) Christie is correct. They will use half and save the rest for a future transplant, if necessary. The infusion should only take 20 minutes or so. Best of luck!